Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Geek Phreaks

Busy working on some designs for all the gamers and geeks out there. Apparently, according to Tillymint, 'Geeks are hot right now' and who am I to argue with the voice of youth?

Monday, 18 February 2008

Leap of Faith

Not content with letting me dangerously loose on t'internet Himself decided he should further raise the stakes and help raise some money for Sense by leaping carelessly from a plane at 12000' (strapped, I should add, to some burley adrenelin junkie old enough to know better).

Any hoo, he made it down ok and, what's more scary, managed to upload his video on to You Tube .

A rather good impersonation of a cone head too dontcha think?

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day

The Valentines badges have gone down a storm on ebay; some of them I will keep listed on both ebay and the web site as they can be worn at any time. Thought you might like a peak at some of the designs.

At last!

What a mad week but, despite the bathroom fitter & various plumbing related 'extras', work and half term, I've finally managed to get the web site sorted. A few final tweeks and I'm going live!!
Over the past year The Stroppy Cow has outgrown its eBay roots and being unable to offer discounts to customers because of the constraints & charges has caused a certain amount of frustration (and, goodness only knows, as the Head Cow I'm stroppy enough as it is!).
A big kid at heart there is nothing more satisfying than making things. Brought up hoarding empty washing up bottles, tirelessly searching for sticky-back plastic and Copydex there was little chance of a normal childhood. Can I top the triumph of my Tracey Island? Blue Peter is in my blood.There's no hope.
After trying to live a normal life for many (but not too many) years I finally gave in, bought a badge machine and am now trying to live 'happily ever after' creating new designs for badges, fun alternative jewellery and original funky bags.

And what about that name...well, that's thanks to him indoors:
he calls me many things...moody mare, northern dwarf, stumpy one...none of them seemed to lend itself to a snappy business name. However, one name seemed to fit me and the business perfectly and so, with the yell of a loving husband echoing up the stairs, the ‘Stroppy Cow’ was born!
I think Stroppy Cow style is all about surrounding yourself with things that make you happy. Romantic, funky, classic and the down right weird: they are all there! Go on...take a know you wanna.