Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Goodies

A big box of yummy goodies arrived this morning. New, gorgeous sellables from IanSnow.co.uk.
Like a big kid at Christmas, I couldn't wait to get in that box! Need to get them all photographed and onto eBay and the The Stroppy Cow but here's a sneak preview!

Lovely embroidered hand mirrors

Hand knitted ear flap hats ~ got my eye on that top one, it might not get as far as the shop!

Beaded rings

Hand made embroidered Mirror detail

Great selection of fleece lined hats

Woo hoo, can't waited to get them listed!

Meet Buttercup

Himself bought me a lovely print...said it reminded him of me! I love it, it's on the wall in the bedroom now. It's by Valerie Davide

I seem to be accumulating cows (not real ones thank goodness, at least not yet!!). I have soft toys and numerous cards in the office, I even have a singing cow card from Tilly (I'm in the mood for dancing~ Nolans!) in pride of place where I can open it for a short burst of instant nostalgia.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Badge Stories

Had a lovely bulk order from the National Register of Reflexology (Ireland) last week...here's the story of those badges!

Printing and punching out the logo

Badge Blanks and cut-outs

Into the machine (Love my badge machine!)

First batch ready

All done, ready for dispatch.

That's just short of 3 hours work (not including tea breaks)...wouldn't believe it would you? Phew!

My right bicep is becoming very quite well developed!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day click here for details.
Don't forget your badges mateys, Arr....
Buy here

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Beaded Charm Bracelet Tutorial

I've just made a gorgeous charm bracelet, not my usual style, but one I think is worth is worth sharing 'cos it looks fabulously expensive!
So, welcome to my first tutorial!

This beaded charm bracelet is very easy to make, it takes a couple of hours depending on your skill with the pliers and how fat your fingers feel!!

You will need:
Pair of short nosed pliers
Pair of cutter pliers

Findings etc
  • Enough jewellery elastic to go round your wrist twice (or play it safe like I did and use 90cm)

  • Approx 60cm of large link chain (I used 1cm) Tip: avoid chain with links that aren’t closed as it tends to come off the bracelet when the elastic is stretched…oops!)

  • 8 x 14mm round or oval beads plus 1 focus bead (I used a silver coloured bead)

  • 3 x smaller complimentary beads (I used 1 x 10mm and 2 x 6mm)
  • Approx 11 charms and/or buttons

  • 14 x 9mm jump rings
  • 4 x calottes (Necklace Ends, also known as calottes or clamshells, are used to attach the necklace or bracelet thread~ we're going to use them to attach our ball chain to a jump ring. Calottes and bead tips are metal findings that cover the knot at the end of a string of beads. Calottes (also called clam shells) clamp sideways over the knot. Adding a drop of glue or clear nail polish secures the knot/chain. Close the bead tip with pliers.
  • 4 x headpins (Headpins look like small thin nails. Put a bead on a head pin, bend a loop in the top, and you have a dangle! )
  • approx 13mm of ball chain

  • Calottes, headpins, jumprings and ball chain

  • optional (but VERY handy) florist wire or beading needle

Ok, lets get started.

Step 1

Thread the jewellery elastic through the chain, this is where a bent bit of florist's wire or a beading needle really helps.

Step 2

Your chain should now be 'scrunched' up along your threading material.

Now add your large beads.

Step 3

Open your jump rings by twisting them front to back, do not pull them apart as this pulls them out of shape, and pop them onto your charms and/or buttons

Step 4

You will need to thread the smaller remaining beads onto the head pins to make some dangle charms.

Step 5

Tie the loose ends of your threading material, adjusting for fit before cutting off the excess. Tip: try adding a drop of clear glue to the knot for extra security.

Step 6

Cut your ball chain into 3 different lengths.

Step 7

Attach a calotte to each piece of chain securing with a small blob of clear glue if preferred.

Step 8

You are now ready to attach the charms/buttons, beads and chain to your bracelet, pausing to admire your handiwork at regular intervals!

Step 9

Ta da.... finished!

How smug do you feel now?