Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ireland Special Order

These mirrors were done towards the end of last year...I'd forgotten about the pics I meant to post! DER!

Made for Waxperts in Ireland as a mail-shot promo

Customer's artwork printed and ready to cut out

Cutouts and components ready to assemble.

Nearly done!

Lots of bubble wrap!

All ready to post, complete with voile gift bags.

It was a great order, shame we were let down by Royal Mail who took 3 days to get it out of the UK on a 'guaranteed' 24 hour service!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Snow in Shropshire

Tilly makes a snow angel
(appropriately dressed ~not~ as usual)

Snow on the rosemary bush

My poor veggie plots!

The snow wasn't right for making a snowman so here's what we would've liked him to look like!

Wishful thinking! LOL

Happy New Year!

Better late than never I guess!

I've been super busy, firstly recovering from the amazingly manic Christmas rush and secondly tweaking my new look web site. Pop over and have a's FAB!

I've so many things to post but I'll start with the new stuff and hopefully, catch up later!

There are some new Valentine's Day badges on the The Stroppy Cow and eBay, although, technically, most are Anti-Valentine's Badges!

I was rummaging through my jewellery finding, just to re-acquaint myself with the stock 'cos it's been sooo long since I had time to make anything, when I found some cute boy and girl fimo charms I was 'saving' for a project and quickly whipped them up into earrings!

How cute are they?

I'm going to have to have a clearance sale! I'm off the the NEC for the Spring Gift Fair at the beginning of February so I need space for all the new goodies I'm hoping to find.

I just don't seem to find the time now for making the bracelets and stuff and I miss it.