Thursday, 27 August 2009

Fear of Flying Part 2

I hate flying. I've said it before.
I fly, but the desire to see strange exotic places is beginning to take second place to the certainty that I will drop from the sky. As I type this I can feel the need to dash to the loo, the familiar gut wrenching liquid mass that was once my insides is threatening to leave my, well, insides.

If it was just me, I wouldn't bother. I'd leave the UK by other means if I had to (although I am claustrophobic and the Channel Tunnel is a bit of a challenge and I do get seasick ....) I can't NOT go on holiday abroad and spoil it for every one else - can I?

We're off to the Algarve in just over a week with some great friends who have promised to ignore me as I go into melt down as the airport. I have a feeling that this is not out of respect for my privacy but more a case of 'avoiding the leper'. And who can blame them?

But I have a secret weapon this year. I have bought a hypnotherapy CD 'Overcome the Fear of Flying'. It promises a pleasant voice to guide me into a deep state of mental & physical relaxation. Mmmm not sure it's helping so far but I'm certainly sleeping like a baby at night!

I'm not susceptible to hypnosis. I've tried it before and it just gave me wind. But I do believe in the power of positive affirmations and if I can get myself under control I will cope.
So, I'm off to lie down, plug Glenn in & think positive thoughts of warm weather, glorious beaches, great company, yummy food & decent coffee. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Here come the girls - I hope!

So, our main holidays are out of the way. The chicken run is (more or less) finished, just a last minute hey-there's-a-good-idea perch to put in and an OMG-how-are-they-supposed-to get-into-their-house ramp to fit (we forgot about that!!)

Those trousers look MUCH better from the front (honestly)

I've backed down on the Ex-Batts idea from my last posting. The 'could go wrongs' far outweigh the ethics as far as a newbie keeper like myself is concerned. However, the idea has not been shelved and I hope to add a couple once I'm confident with my ladies.

We intend collecting our girls on Sunday so watch this space.