Friday, 25 April 2008


Had a glorious weekend in The Lakes last week, even managed to stay up 'til 11.30pm one night!! Coo...dirty stop-outs or what?

It was lovely to get away; I love Ambleside but it's a lot busier than the last time I was there (that's ancient history almost).

Guest house was nice, once you got used to the 'Don't do' notices. We came in late on Friday a little the worse for a drink or two and we 'sushed' each other in our quietest voices ( know how that is, right?) but I worried all night that we might get told off and 'asked to leave the premises without recompense'.
Anyway...all was well, I just looked knowingly and accusingly at the other -younger- couple at breakfast!

Woke up on Saturday morning to this fantastic view (the hill, anyway):

Then, after a yummy Full English

we hit the hills:

We bimbled into Skelwith Bridge and found this fantastic cafe and decided it would be rude not to stop.


Great chimney pots!

Thought it would be a hoot to snap interesting gate fastenings! This is the only one we found after that momentous decision!

An an amazing new bridge over Skelwith!

Great iron work

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Road Rage

Apoplexy, thats what I had..and me with a sore finger too!

Slowed the car down on the way out of the estate to allow a neighbour to finish reversing out of her drive, does she thank me with a cheery wave and gracious smile?

Oh no, just stops the car in the middle of the road and fastens her freekin seat belt!

Poor Tillymint, scared her to death as my jumper stared to rip and my skin turned green.

Is it too early for a gin?

Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I'm going to have to speak to myself about Health and Safety at work...maybe I could put myself on a course. I'll have to get posters of course, and an Accident Book; goodness knows how many laws I'm contravening....

(curse digital old my hand looks...where's that handcream?)
I caught it under the mould as I was pressing a badge. I did say a few naughty words, but no one heard...'cept the whole street! I should sue myself for allowing me to become distracted while in charge of the press. Where were the warning notices that the machine moved downwards while being operated eh, eh? Goodness me, I've only been using it for 18 months...where's my training?

Stoopid Moo

Friday, 4 April 2008


I love getting feedback (unless its snotty of course), almost as much as I enjoy making the things I sell. Fortunately, the snotty stuff is very rare (and usually a result of buyers not reading descriptions properly or failing to notify me if they think something isn't right).

Every now and then I get comments that really make me smile:

"Lynn == angel. She wraps up the goods and sticks them down with a smiley face!!!"


"I love my pin, it so full of positivity. God Bless England, & The Who! ;)Thanks"

"***Stroppy Cow?? Mary Poppins more like - my new best friend - an Ebay star***"

"the mutts nuts! thanks"

I get lovely emails from satisfied customers which is very job satisfaction.

Wanting to get up in a morning, instead of having to, is a joy!

Woo Hoo!