Friday, 30 May 2008

No room for modesty

Nothing like a bit of blatant self
promotion and certainly no room for modesty when trying to get visitors to your site!
Actually, despite it being like a Krypton Factor Challenge to get the graphic on (having to put it on back-to-front AND upside down) it looks great!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Last Day

A sad (sentimentally) day...Tilly's last day at school sigh.
Only seems five minutes la la etc. One of us is getting old!

Taken her picture, all tidy as she left this morning.
Goodness knows what state she will be in by this afternoon!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


I've got some of this at home...only I call it a mop and bucket!!
Meant to put this in my Ambleside
post but forgot!
Snapped on the quay side at Lakeside on Windermere

Organised Chaos

I'm not a tidy person. Ask anyone.

But I justify my mess as creative chaos. Sure, I love my work room when its all tidy and neat, everything in its place. Only problem is, I can't find anything! I like to see what things I've got and if it's in it's storage box I can't see it!

I like to think that when the Intergalactic Time Team and the holographic Tony Robinson visit the site of my house many years into the future they will be 'gobsmacked' by the amount of finds under the rotted floorboards. Beads, jump rings, pins, chain....definitely signs of post-Roman industry.

Here is my beloved drill press...the biggest power tool I have (lurve power tools!) Doesn't see much action these days though - roll on the school hols.

I do have a tool tidy for my pliers, wire cutters etc...its just not very tidy!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Snot Fest

Can't believe I've not another cold; keep saying we should move to warmer's falling on deaf ears!
Managed to do some stroppy cow house keeping and eBay too. Found a little inspiration for some new earrings (not been feeling at all creative lately) but felt these were a start:

Emo earrings

Punk Earrings

Wonder Woman Earrings

More punk earrings

Sunday, 4 May 2008


Don't seem to have much time for the garden these days...too busy with eBay and the web site. Good job it basically looks after itself!

This is my favourite spot at this time of year; the acer and the bamboo just set each other off so well.
To think, I only took those yesterday. It was a glorious day and now, as I sit here with my cold toast and a coffee, its raining hard and I can hear thunder!