Friday, 25 April 2008


Had a glorious weekend in The Lakes last week, even managed to stay up 'til 11.30pm one night!! Coo...dirty stop-outs or what?

It was lovely to get away; I love Ambleside but it's a lot busier than the last time I was there (that's ancient history almost).

Guest house was nice, once you got used to the 'Don't do' notices. We came in late on Friday a little the worse for a drink or two and we 'sushed' each other in our quietest voices ( know how that is, right?) but I worried all night that we might get told off and 'asked to leave the premises without recompense'.
Anyway...all was well, I just looked knowingly and accusingly at the other -younger- couple at breakfast!

Woke up on Saturday morning to this fantastic view (the hill, anyway):

Then, after a yummy Full English

we hit the hills:

We bimbled into Skelwith Bridge and found this fantastic cafe and decided it would be rude not to stop.


Great chimney pots!

Thought it would be a hoot to snap interesting gate fastenings! This is the only one we found after that momentous decision!

An an amazing new bridge over Skelwith!

Great iron work


WonkyCat said...

I love the pictures, it looks beautiful. Also I love your jewellery and especially the Wonder Woman earrings, and charm bracelets!

the stroppy cow said...

Thank you! x