Thursday, 21 May 2009

That darn cat...again!

We have a cat, well 2 actually, one is sweet & gorgeous & snuggles and looks up at you adoringly from your lap but never hangs around for photos then, there's the other. She's not evil, she can be affectionate, she's a bit lot of a tart & is very un-ladylike in the manner in which she likes to be stroked. She prefers you to lift her up to her food (we keep it out of reach of the dog) but will jump if she thinks you're not watching ; she's the runt, but boy, is she in charge!
Merry (yes, the other is Pippin - Tilly could/can quote whole scenes of dialogue from Lord of The Rings!) has already had a mention in this blog and deserves another for her chuffin cheek. Apart for sneaking in once again while I'm taking stock photos, she thought it would be more comfortable if the bedding she had her eye on for snuggling on top of, was more accessible...

She won't notice if I just stick my head under here, then it'll be a quick shove and 'ooops did I do bad'

Tadah....easy peasey. Look out duvet....incoming!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I get lots of lovely emails from customers of The Stroppy Cow and I thought it would be nice to share...

We received a request for a customised charm bracelet with a butterfly and star theme from Jade in Glasgow. Here's what her mum had to say:
Hello just to let u know recieved bracelet today jade was over the moon with it she loved it many thanks for being able to create what she was looking for . ( It was just a wee gift from me to her for her highers this week ) and Jade: Hi, It's absolutely gorgeous. Thank-you so much.

Save the Date Magnets for Nicola and Paul in Liverpool for their wedding in 2011, fantastic idea...
Lynn, THANK YOU. My magnets look great! They arrived today and i have printed the cards and stuck them on with didi gluedots! They are perfect! I shall send you some photos as soon as i gt myself organised. Please feel free to put them on your site if you think it will drum up some orders! Nicola

Archery achievement badges for 2020 Archery. Hi Lynn - really pleased with the badges. So pleased in fact that we'd like to order some more!

And they did!

Just some of the Worcester round badges

2020 Archery logo badges

Pub saving in Guernsey:

Hi Lynn
Just a note to say that we have won round one towards saving our pub !! Our badges being worn proudly !!

Brillaint graphic supplied by Ian in the Midlands, made great 44mm magnets.

So happy with the customer service and the actual items, i will order more! Ian

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Custom Badges

What a week! My poor printer has really been hard at it this last few days trying to cope with the custom badge orders we've had this week.
Here are a few of the orders:

Save the Date magnets for Nicola (more details of this service to follow...)

Save the Date Magnets

500 x 58 mm badges for Shelter (UK Charity) being cut out

Several hours later,
badges ready for shipping

Himself has been a great help and is a wiz on the badge machine now. He took this pic
to illustrate the chaos in which I work...didn't like to tell him that this was tidy!!

Archery Club badges

With scores
There were a few others too, but I forgot to take photos!!
Check out flickr for more details.