Thursday, 21 May 2009

That darn cat...again!

We have a cat, well 2 actually, one is sweet & gorgeous & snuggles and looks up at you adoringly from your lap but never hangs around for photos then, there's the other. She's not evil, she can be affectionate, she's a bit lot of a tart & is very un-ladylike in the manner in which she likes to be stroked. She prefers you to lift her up to her food (we keep it out of reach of the dog) but will jump if she thinks you're not watching ; she's the runt, but boy, is she in charge!
Merry (yes, the other is Pippin - Tilly could/can quote whole scenes of dialogue from Lord of The Rings!) has already had a mention in this blog and deserves another for her chuffin cheek. Apart for sneaking in once again while I'm taking stock photos, she thought it would be more comfortable if the bedding she had her eye on for snuggling on top of, was more accessible...

She won't notice if I just stick my head under here, then it'll be a quick shove and 'ooops did I do bad'

Tadah....easy peasey. Look out duvet....incoming!

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