Thursday, 19 February 2009

Cat Sabotage

In like Flynn this cat.
Not five minutes before I'd been stroppily happily taking photo's of all my yummy new goodies for The Stroppy Cow, leave the room to pop them onto the pc and woosh...she's in. AND in my light box too!
Now there's muddy footprints inside. Grrrrrr.
I swear she told me to sod off when I shouted at her. She certainly looked at me as if to say 'what ya gonna do about it loser'.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ebay Blues

Sometimes I get so pissed off at Ebay. They frustrate me so much, hiding behind cut and paste 'Customer Support' emails which make it so obvious they haven't even read you email, let alone understood your problem.

I don't usually visit the Community Forums but I wandered in there this afternoon in search of comfort and a group hug.
Wasn't feeling the love in there though...just more evidence of frustrated PowerSellers.

However, there was one chink of light that turned out to be a full blown sun beam!
Pop over to YouTube have a larff at this...cheered me right up.

Suitably inspired I came up with this badge.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

How to Shop...

I love shopping...actually, that's not strictly true.
I love buying! Sometimes I HATE shopping.
Take yesterday for example. Frustrated by the number of shops that think the bigger you are, the taller you must be, I just stood, tears rolling down my face, propped up by Himself, unsure whether to collapse pathetically in a heap or to charge, crazed and finger wielding into Evans. However,I'll save that rant for another day...

I visited the NEC on Tuesday to attend the Spring Fair which is the highlight of the trade buying year. I love it. Its like all the Christmas's I've always wanted, all at once! Hundreds of traders with, mostly, amazing stalls and the most gorgeous things you could ever want to buy. With last year's trip still quite fresh in my mind I was determined to stay focused this time and not wear myself out looking at every shiny, bright, colourful,funny and cute item on display. I also had a secret weapon this year...Himself had offered to come with me to see what I found so fascinating. Besides, I'd also made a list! (His Virgo-ness must be catching)

So, within a couple of hours I'd visited all of my existing suppliers, found the ones I wanted to checkout on my list and managed to discover a couple of lovely surprises. Leaving a couple of hours left for wandering to Ooo and Aah at the shiny,bright,colourful,funny and cute things....oh, and buying of course.

Well, what did I buy? Here's a teaser, a taste of what's to come to The Stroppy Cow very soon:

Envirosax...gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous

Apparently Cameron Diaz has had the Envirosax bug since 2007
and check out all the other celebs here

David Arquette with his Envirosax

Cute key rings and phone charms from Hot Munkey

I've also ordered some great handbags made from recycled packaging, but sadly no pics yet and a huge selection of quirky jewelley. I've tried to go Fair Trade and as Eco-Friendly as possible and have generally stuck with the smaller traders (actually the larger ones can be really snooty with 'small-time' retailers so stuff em!).

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Nurse Badges and Magnets

Following a bulk order for the sleep with a nurse magnets for a web based nursing supplies company Nifty Nurses, we've been busy designing some new nursing badges.
Some are on eBay but the complete set can be found on The Stroppy Cow web site.