Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Domesticity & Ex Batts

What a lovely morning! OK, the sun's not shining, it's 18*C, clammy, sticky and warm BUT it's very peaceful in the garden. I was up at stupid o'clock (05.30) as usual, making Himself some butties for lunch & sticking a potato in the microwave for mine, when I came over all domesticated!
Now this is a phenomenon that doesn't happen very often so I grabbed it by the horns, put all thoughts of leaping on the PC, once He'd tootled off on his way to Brum, out of my head and began sorting the washing. I slightly startled the chap from down the road, on his bike, on his way to work, by nipping out with the re-cycling in nowt but my jammies and turquoise Crocs. I didn't have my glasses on so ~ it never happened!
I know! Get a life!

Mmmm lovely!

However....I did decide that I would take some fruit to work and picked some fresh raspberries and strawberries from the garden, at which point I was hit by how peaceful it was and only the presence of my chooks would have made it perfect! I could picture them scratching away in their little run gently chuckling away to themselves.

Chicken Shack Phase 1

We're getting our Ex-Batts in August but I have to treat/paint the hen house first and Himself has big plans for extending the run. I must confess to being slightly nervous having bought a book and reading about what dreadful things they can get in terms of lice (yuk, yuk, yuk I hate stuff like that makes my skin crawl!) but, hey, I've had kids! Nuff said!