Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I'm getting there with this flu stuff although my sense of humour appears to have abandoned ship!
That could be down to the fact that I've had little time to wallow in my own self pity or even enjoy time reclining on my sofa suffering silently (but stoically you understand) because others decided they were going to get it too.

How mean & selfish of them! This was supposed to be about me, me, ME!

Oh well, they'll get theirs when there's nowt under the tree but a dry old satsuma and a box of PG Tips.

Anyway, still looking for some Christmas Cheer, don't see anything but Humbug at the moment.

Yours wallowing

Cindy Lou Who xxx

Friday, 4 December 2009

Tamiflu and hot Timto

When my son was small & learning to talk, and later doing the talking for his baby sister (who didn't utter a comprehensible word for 2 years but has not shut up since) many new words entered our family vocabulary.
To be honest, it's a whole new language often leaving both strangers and less close family members confused & bewildered, but these things stick.

I'm resting at home at the moment into my 5th day of The Flu. I guess it's of the swine variety as they've issued me with Tamiflu and, by jove, it's marvelous stuff!

However, as I was moping about earlier in the week, not knowing where to put myself to ease the pain my body was in, wondering if my headache would ease with the aid of a knitting needle through my eyesocket & debating whether or not I should take the on-line flu test ("I couldn't possibly have Swine Flu that's what other people get...") I winge-text my sister looking for sympathy & reassurance (not much chance of that I'd say judging by the reply and I quote: "oink").

Finally though, she came through "hot bath and hot timto" she says...just those 5 simple words and the world seemed brighter. OK, OK, so I was still in pain and desperately looking for a knitting needle but I found the energy to get onto the National Pan Flu Service get myself & my 38deg fever diagnosed.
So 3 days of Tamiflu & hot timto and I'm recovering. No hot baths though, I'm too sweaty as it is ~is that too much sharing?
Holding up my bottle of timto in traditional Oscar style, I'd like to that all the people who made this possible
  • NHS for the Tamiflu
  • Himself for going to the chemist to fetch it & bringing me back a jar of pickled onions (still trying to figure that one out)
  • Suey for the hot timto recommendation
  • my kids for talking funny and even never shutting up

Hot 'timto'...the elixier of life, warmer of cold hands & great sledging companion