Monday, 20 October 2008

In training

I'm hoping we'll be walking the Pembrokeshire coastal path for our jollies next year so I'm in training!

Starting off slowly by trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, I cheerfully declined the garage's offer of a lift home after dropping Pink-bot off for a safety check this morning and decided to walk the 1 mile and a bit back home.

Convinced it would easily be my quota for the day, I smiled serenely through the sheeting rain that hit me halfway back soaking my legs and wetting me though to my undies where by cagoule met my ass, grinned smugly at the lazy commuters queuing on the ring road and almost skipped through the font door a good 20 minutes later.
I've just checked my pedometer, 2776 steps...2776!

I'm sat here, wet socks, wet knickers and desperate for a biscuit that I can't even justify now!

Maybe I better ring the garage and tell 'em I'll walk back and pick Pinky up...

Just the One of these would stop my ass getting wet!

PS Just worked out that 10,000 steps is about 5 miles! 5 miles! Who's got time to walk 5 miles a day? Oh well, we'll see what a day a work measures up to tomorrow!

Found this site and feel a little better now!

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