Tuesday, 22 September 2009

September Newsletter

I'm constantly mystified by the ratio of work achieved to time available. (Actually, I'm constantly mystified by life in general, but there's only so much space in this newsletter!) Summer is, traditionally, a quite time for us. Students are away from campus, foreign places & holidays beckon for some and the weather draws us -hopefully- outdoors. It's a time when we, here at The Stroppy Cow, should be taking stock, re-charging our batteries & getting all the admin up to date. There should be time for all those little things that get left for 'when its quieter'. But that's not how it happens...why? I've got the time? Sure, batteries are recharged (thank you, glorious Northumberland), but is my office tidy? Have I reorganised my storage? Are my old files deleted?
Nope! Hey ho, I guess it'll get done when I'm up to my eyes in it!
Hope you had a wonderful summer!

Coming soon:
Oh, I've had a lovely time buying new quirky gifts. They'll all be on the website by the end of the month but here's a sneak preview.

Owl phone charms

£2.99 each

60's Retro Shoppers
£9.99 each

Wonder Woman Shopping Bag

£12.99 each

New Badges
It's that time of year again and, as well as the old favourites, we've added some new badges to our Halloween Collection.

Baby Monster set of 4 Halloween badges


TV & Movie
Lots of demand for movie related badges with the fantastic choice we've had this summer at the cinema.

44mm Harry Potter Badge
and get ready for the new Dr Who season...
Timelord badge
from 70p each

Hope to see you soon and, don't forget, we make custom badges too!

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