Thursday, 15 October 2009

I've lost a minute!

For reasons that have been lost in the deep, dark, murky sludge of my brain I keep my digital clocks 6 minutes fast. I have one by my side of the bed and there's the one in my car.
Now, while we were settling down in bed to watch Flash Forward on Monday night (how gorgeous is Joseph Fiennes??), I noticed the Channel 5 clock was now 7 minutes behind mine. Odd!

Then, yesterday, while I was driving up to Bolton there was a time check on the radio and my clock in the car was 7 minutes fast!

How weird is that?? Have I lost a minute somewhere in the last week? Can digital clocks simultaneously jump forward? Maybe I was abducted by aliens, or maybe time in my bedroom and car are parallel universes that have slipped through the Rift...maybe I watch too much Dr Who?

Still, it's very odd!

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