Monday, 8 December 2008

What a weekend!

Good grief, what a weekend! I've just done my 3rd Saturday in a row at work which means all my web orders for The Stroppy Cow and eBay have had to be done on Sundays. 40 orders this weekend...took me 4 hours! (Note to self...get help!)

It didn't help that we'd had a late night on Saturday out watching a UB40 tribute band and having a good dance. The band ~Johnny 2 Bad and here ~was brilliant (much better than UB40 the last couple of years we've been to see them). Brilliant night but difficult to get up on Sunday.

Anyway, all that work and being tired meant the decorating of the Christmas tree had to be delayed (poor thing, it's stood there all naked til I find time to dress it), so the sitting room is full of boxes of decorations. Fortunately the delay has given me time to actually go through the boxes and I discover I have no lights...where did they go then???? Had time to list some more Christmas badges in the week and you can find them on eBay and The Stroppy Cow.

Snowflake Badge Pack

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