Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chocolate Cake!

Last month, Himself asked if I would bake some cakes that he could sell at work for Red Nose Day. Not a problem I said..when would he need them. Monday he said. Ok I said.
Sunday came along and I expressed a need to pop out to get the necessaries to make the cakes. Oh, it's not til Friday he said. Are you sure I said. Yes he said. I'm sure your email said Monday I said. No, he said, Friday, for Red Nose Day. Ok I said.
Next day an email arrives in my Inbox. Hi Love, it WAS today I needed the cakes!
So, not to let the opportunity pass to raise some money I offered to make a big chocolate cake and some cupcakes that he could auction on the Friday.

Naked Chocolate Cake ~ Chocolate sponge with white praline butter cream filling. (The Margarita bottle
was not full when I started!)

Semi-Naked Chocolate Cake ~ covered in chocolate frosting

(drooling yet?)

Layers of dark, milk & white chocolates and fudge

with melted white chocolate drizzle.

Fully dressed chocolate cake ready to go off to be auctioned.

I made the chocolate sponge mix 4 times in all to make an additional 2 dozen cupcakes, each finished off with frosting, sprinkles and a chocolate.

The cake sold for £35 and the cupcakes for £1.00 each.

It's been a long time since I did any baking and I loved every minute. I was asked if I did it professionally....hey, nice compliment and a lovely idea but ALL that washing up?? No thanks!

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